Prevent a fire by cleaning your dryer

Dryer Before and After

Over 15,000 dryer related fires are reported each year; most of these fires are caused by failure to clean dryer vents. Cleaning the lint trap after each dryer use will help maintain your dryer, but there is more that you should know.

Lint bypasses the trap and builds up in the dryer and exhaust ducts and can restrict air flow. That leads to dryer inefficiency and higher energy bills because it takes longer to dry clothing. It is also a fire hazard. Lint, which is highly combustible, and an overheated system are the perfect fuel for a rapidly spreading fire. Even though dryers have built in high temperature limit switches, they cannot be relied on to provide total protection.

We have years of experience cleaning exhaust systems. If you believe you have a clogged dryer exhaust system, let our specialists come out and take a look. Call us at 224-254-4293 today!