Kitchen fires are the #1 cause of residential fires

Kitchen Vent Fix

Did you know that grease buildup in your kitchen exhaust system can lead to a blockage of airflow, improper cooling of your kitchen, and even a fire.  Most fires can be prevented if the kitchen exhaust system is cleaned properly. 

Buildup of grease also affects the life of your exhaust system. Grease trapped on the blades of the fan prevents the blades from spinning properly, which blocks airflow and makes it harder for your family to breathe. If the fan is not cleaned regularly, this could mean replacing your fan altogether, which is costly and inconvenient. We clean every part of the kitchen exhaust system, including the hood, vent, duct, fan, and rooftop area surrounding the fan. 

Have you been looking to have your kitchen hood cleaned? If you have, look no further than Airflo Pro. We provide thorough cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system, leaving it spotless and safe for your everyday use.

We do not want you to become a statistic, so regular servicing of your kitchen exhaust fans and vents is important to us. We use only the best cleaning equipment to ensure your kitchen exhaust system works efficiently and safely.

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